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Fastide, Inc. (“Fastide”) handles and manages this website, https://fastideinc.com (“Website”). Before using this Website, please read the following Terms of Use. Fastide assumes that you have agreed to these Terms of Use before using this Website. Fastide may amend these Terms of Use without prior notice, so please confirm the most recent content before using this Website.


The contents of this Website, including any displayed content or content distributed by email, etc., to which Fastide or its respective provider possesses copyright, are protected by the Copyright Act. Any secondary use of this content without the express permission of Fastide, including but not limited to copying or use for another purpose, beyond the extent permitted under the Copyright Act, is prohibited. Any amendment, addition, or alteration of such content is prohibited in all cases.

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Any trademarks, trade names, or designs posted or displayed on this Website belong to Fastide or the rights holder who has approved their use by Fastide and are protected under Japanese law. Any use of such content without the express permission of Fastide, beyond the extent permitted under the law, is prohibited.

Medical information

Any information related to medical products or technology on this Website is provided with the intent of introducing Fastide’s business descriptions. Fastide does not intend to provide medical advice or services and any such information is not a substitute for advice from medical professionals, including medical doctors.

Information provided by Website users

Fastide regards any information provided by users of this Website that does not include personal information as non-confidential. Fastide may use such provided information freely and the information provider guarantees that the use of such provided information does not infringe on any third party’s rights.


Fastide strives to keep the information content of this Website as current and accurate as possible but does not assume any responsibility for nor guarantee the accuracy, validity, or integrity of said content. Fastide assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect losses to users arising from the use of this Website. Fastide may amend, revise or delete the content of this Website without notice to Website users, and Fastide does not assume any responsibility for any losses arising from such changes.


Fastide does not possess the rights to any third-party websites that this Website links to or that this Website is linked to, and Fastide assumes no responsibility for such third-party websites.

Governing laws and jurisdiction

The validity, interpretation, and fulfillment of these Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of Japan. If a conflict arises, the Yokohama District Court will serve as the exclusive primary court of jurisdiction.

Effective April 1, 2021.


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